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Avada includes blank pages so you can build all kinds of awesome stuff, like a coming soon page!


Email Me When It’s Done

This is where a contact form can go. This can eb done with the free Contact Form 7 plugin.  Install the plugin, then create a form and insert the shortcode for the form here. Like you see below:

    Όνομα (υποχρεωτικό)

    Email (υποχρεωτικό)



    Επιτρέπω στον Όμιλο Χατζή να προσθέσει την ηλεκτρονική μου διεύθυνση στον κατάλογο ηλ. διευθύνσεων της
    Έχω διαβάσει και συμφωνώ με τους όρους προστασίας δεδομένων

    Our Top Priorities

    • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
    • Awesome sliders give you the opportunity to showcase your content
    • Unlimited color options with a backed color picker, including the gradients
    • Multiple layout options for home pages, portfolio and blog section
    • We offer free support because we care about your site as much as you.